change from taxotere to taxol

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I would like some information about the difference in the side effects of taxotere and taxol. From what I have read, they are a lot alike. I had a bad reaction to taxotere (severe rash) after the second treatment so my dr is changing the last two treatments to taxol. I am a little nervous about it. Information appreciated!!! Susan


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    I got taxol as did most people at the time I had it - 2001 - but I know of someone else who switched as you will be doing. I think taxol is a little bit better tolerated altho' I also think taxotere in some trials was slightly more effective. However the difference would be so slight that it isn't worth considering.

    I hope you have no problems with the taxol. You probably got some bone pain in the legs with the other two treatments and taxol will do this too.

    Wishing you well.
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    Hey Susan, checked out the drugs at they both come from the 'yew tree'. One is from the bark, the other from the pine needles, so the drugs are very similar. However, the difference seems to be in the inactive ingredients they are mixed in, one apparently does not have an effect on the other. It appears to me if you are allergic to the meds it must be to the inactive ingredient, because both medications are taxanes. Inactive ingredients were polysorbate 80 for taxotere and camphor oil for taxol. There was no mention of contraindication of taxol if allergic to taxotere or vice versus. I would still strongly recommend asking my doc about it again as they do make mistakes. Hope this helps. I took taxol and had very little side effects, just a little tired and achey, but if I drank enough water even that was reduced. God bless. hummingbyrd