Spindel Cell Synovial Sarcoma

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I am a very tired and frustrated wife of a rare cancer patient. 2-1/2 yrs ago my husband was diagnosed with spindel cell synovial sarcoma. It started in his lungs and has spread to his face and bottom portion of the brain. He has had 3 lung surgeries and 2 neurosurgeries; 2 different types of chemo and 1 - 10-day round of radiation. He is currently being seen by doctors at the James Cancer Center in Columbus, OH and the Cleveland Clinic. THese are 2 great comprehensive cancer centers but all of his doctors said that he is a rare case and they're not sure what to do with him. I am in contact with one other wife in a similar situation. Is there anyone else out there, being a spouse or patient, with a similar diagnosis? email address is [email protected]. Thank you!