Soreness of reconstructed breast

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I have been having some discomfort on the side of my breast. It is tender to touch and hurts if I cough. I had my tissue expander exchanged for implant about 10 weeks ago. This is the first time I have had any discomfort since surgery. I cant feel anything unusual to touch. I wonder if it is bone pain from radiation or maybe developing scar tissue. Dont know whether to be concerned or not. Has anyone else experienced something like this?


  • DeeNY711
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    Be sure to let the surgeon know what is going on. I don't have implants, but many people on the message board have had unexpected sensations. The best advice is to get it checked out. Make an appt to have the area looked at.
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    Hey Bloss! I had some soreness for a long time, but not really bad. You should have your dr. look at it just to be sure. Hope to see you soon. Take care -
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    I thought I had something wrong with my lungs. It hurt to take deep breaths, as well as coughing. My doctor told me it was scar tissue and to practice deep breaths. I really didn't believe him. You know the paranoid self that we have become. But it did go away. Still check with your doctor, they should know. Love Cammie
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    Hello Blossom!
    Sorry to hear about your pain and soreness. I never had remodeling or expansions or anything like that. However, after I had my Port-A-Cath I had pain and bunch of weird sensations for a while. I would call the surgeon all the time to mention the problem! Hmm....... maybe THAT'S why he got caller ID.. just kidding! Seriously, that is what they are there for. Don't be shy about bugging them with quesitons. Besides, in the $$$ that we pay doctors (and I believe *most* are worth every dime)... questions are included! :-)
    God bless Blossom
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    I had my implants exchanged for implants last Oct. I had discomfort in my rib area for a long time, was worried it was mets but it went away, dr said it was muscle soreness. Even almost a year later I stll have pain around my implants when I over-do it. Fri I went to a theme park with my family and was pushing my grandfather around in a wheelchair all day long and the muscle under my right implant is soo sore. Just remember that your body has been thru a lot and you might feel fine for a while and then do something to strain those muscles, something that normally would not have phased you, but now after all the trauma those muscle have been through, will make theme scream out OOUUCHH! So dont worry, you probably over worked your arm some way and remember that for a long time going forward to be easy on those muscles.