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Hi. I just started Tamoxifen and wondered if anyone has had few or no side effects? Also how long before side effects begin?? Thanks for any info or guidance you can give me.


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    First look back thru some of the very recent past postings for peoples experiences but in my case . . . began it in June and really didn't know of what the side effects could be. I was having knee and ankle joint pain that is handled well with over the counter medications and wasn't sure if I was just out of shape post surgeries and all or actually having the chemo side effects I had read about here. Honestly, I still don't know which it is but- whatever I will keep taking the Tamox. and just keep working at life. I did go back to jazzercise lite and found that the pain was not there as much. it is really bad when I sit too much. So, I hope it helps to hear this but keep reading and asking questions we will get thru it together.
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    If you type TAMOXIFEN in the search box at the top of the page, it will give you the 20+ pages of entries on Tamoxifen. You can also do a search on it, too. Hope this helps. Hugs, Denise
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    Thanks for the input. I have done extensive research on Tamoxifen before deciding to go ahead and try it. I couldn't find anyone saying their side effects were minimal, even though I have read many women have little trouble with it. I could find no info that indicated how quickly the side effects manifest themselves. All the best to you too. Deb
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    I have been on tamoxifen since December 2002 and to date have not really had any side effects from it. The only thing I have noticed is a little weight gain starting a few months ago. I also have a friend on it, and she has the same issue. About 6 months after starting, she also gained weight. This is a small price to pay for the protection it is giving us. Good luck and take care...Cheryl
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    I have been on TAM for a year and a half and have recently experienced slight joint pain. Tylenol takes care of it - plus some light exercising. When I am stressed I ache more as well. I have some hot flashes but not very bad.
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    Hi Deb, I was on Tamoxifen for six weeks before my doctor took me off of it because of negative side effects. I experienced a pronounced loss of appetite and depression and I'm not prone to either. A friend noticed the depression coming on; I wasn't aware of it and then wham! Both started about four weeks after starting Tamoxifen. I tried to combat them myself with exercise, positive thinking...but it wasn't working. So I called my doctor and he immediately took me off it and I began to feel better within a few days. He started me on Arimidex two weeks later and all is well. Best of luck to you and hopefully your experience with Tamoxifen will be good.
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    I have been on Tamoxifen since Arpil no side effects except for I am cold all the time.. Hope this helps