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I am a three-year survivor of ovarian cancer. For the last 5 days I have had loose/mucousy stools, cramps like diahrrhea. Seems to come at different times, no real consistency, although I will notice it after a meal, within an hour or so. The cramping/pain is lower abdominal. I also have some rectal pressure because of it. I phoned my doctor. They advised to take Immodium and if it's not better by Tuesday to call them. No blood appears in the stool as far as I can tell. I know you are not physicians and don't know all of my symptomology, but just wondering if you can advise and/or tell me what else to watch out for. Thank you so much for helping me.


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    Hi Monika

    As far as symptoms go, the only one I had was a pain in the tailbone area. It simply felt like I fell and landed on my rear end. It was only relieved when I laid down, taking the pressure off the tumor. I'm sure you'll get a million answers to your question, as everyone has a different story to tell. Hope it turns out to be nothing. Congratulations on your success with ovarian cancer...AWESOME OUTCOME!

    Stay Healthy,

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    I would highly recommend you watch this very carefully and request a colonoscopy. From what my oncologist at the Mayo Clinic tells me is that colon cancer can spread to the female organs and vice versa. I do know of one other woman who is dealing with ovarian and colon simultaneously. Check it out.

    peace, emily
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    I was diagnosed with stage2 colon cancer in March. I did not have any symptoms at all. My mother however (now deceased--not from cancer) had mucousy stools. She had Chron's disease. Good luck in finding out the cause of your problem. Regards, Arlene
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    Lots of good advice here, Monika -

    Arlene is right about Chrone's Disease and Emily makes a good point about spreading cancer. My mom had ovarian cancer and developed colon cancer about two years later. We have a gene that causes it and it tends to hit the reproductive and digestive organs more frequently.

    As usual Stacy and I are in lock-step. I didn't have any significant symptoms - that I acknowledged anyway - of my cancer for about 4 years.

    I agree that a scope would be a good plan if only to put your mind at ease.

    Be well and congrats on your O cancer success!

    - Sponge Bob