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I did something today that I didn't think I would have to do. I came home from work because I was just too tired to put one foot in front of the other. I feel so bad about doing that. It is like I am giving in to this battle. I have only two more chemo sessions of taxol left (was taking taxotere, but had a bad reaction). I am wondering if I am getting anemic again, but not sure how to tell. I just know that I am soooo tired, but I am NOT going to let this beat me. Hope that giving in to it today will not make people think that I am letting this get me down. I have tried so hard to keep my chin up and keep a positive attitude, but today I just couldn't do it. Sorry for the whining session. Susan


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    Mosis50. If you get very cold at night, I'd say you're anemic for sure. You did the exactly the right thing by listening to your body and going home to rest. I call it "preventative medicine." If you allow yourself sink all the way to total exhaustion, it will take twice as long to perk back up again. Success is getting back up one more time than life knocks you down. Hey, taking a few hours off work is just a little setback in the big picture, right?
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    Mosis, I just finished weekly taxol x 12 and I know exactly how you feel. I ended up taking the last few weeks off work because I just got too tired. Nobody can understand the fatigue untill you've been through it. Don't let it get you down, there are some things that are just out of our control, and rizzo is right you have to listen to your body. I went from my butt is dragging, to forget dragging my butt, I'm not getting off the couch. I said my new job was to make sure no one steals my couch. I also gaurded the deck at times too. Don't let this effect your possitive attitude, our attitude is about the only thing we do have control of. You can still be positive while taking it easy. My last treatment was 8/8, and I'm feeling stronger every day and you will too. Hang in there and don't get down on yourself because of this as it too will pass. Judy
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    Stop worrying about what other people think. You do not have to be the picture of sunshine in order to succeed at surviving chemotherapy. Your expectations of yourself are not realistic within your own situation. There is no way I could have worked during my chemotherapy because I was as incapacitated as Judy, too. I have spent weeks in the recliner with brief trips to the bathroom. There was only one time when I thought I might not be able to get up out of the chair to go to the bathroom, and it was terrifying. Entire weeks went by when I was unable to stand long enough to do the dishes, but you know what? If my husband is unable to wash a dish, he can use paper plates and plastic cutlery each time he exhausts every dish, bowl, saucer, fork, spoon and knife in the house. It is up to me to make sure that my top priority is to survive the treatment. If you do not make accommodation for the treatment, you will land in the hospital. I spent a week.... not something I care to do ever again. You can whine, you can be sad, you can get angry or cranky but you cannot grind yourself into the ground without serious consequences. And Rizzo is right..... once it gets away from you, it takes twice as long to recover. Be very serious and committed to taking care of yourself. Love, Denise
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    mosis sorry to hear of you being so tired, I am doing taxol but my doctors have me take lots of vitamins since i started the taxol, are you taking any? or doing any neupogeon shots?

    Hope you will feel better soon
    love Mariat.
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    WOW! Everybody said it so well, what more can I add? I'll say this, I was so tired with chemo my goal everyday was to walk around our sectional couch 10 times! I don't think you gave in today, I think you acted smart. I'd even go as far to say sleep in tomorrow. You deserve the rest! Be sure and take care of yourself, and feel free to vent whenever you want. That's what we're here for, I may do some whining myself before the night is over. (((((HUGS))))) hummingbyrd
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    momof4 said:

    mosis sorry to hear of you being so tired, I am doing taxol but my doctors have me take lots of vitamins since i started the taxol, are you taking any? or doing any neupogeon shots?

    Hope you will feel better soon
    love Mariat.

    Well, it will get better! I also, feel that sometimes if I was frustrated about a setback I would turn it around. Such as, it was so good for your co workers to make it a good situation so that you could leave and go rest. Sometimes people have no idea what to say or do but they want to help . . . well, that could be their way of helping. I know it seems so aggrivating but have a good cry and short pity party and then, get back up when you can. You are fighting cancer, not a cold. Lighten up on yourself. Prayer will help of course. hang in there!
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    Give yourself a break your body is fighting the fight of its life. You may be tired again in the future, but it isn't a sign of defeat, but a sign that the Chemotherapy is working, let your body and the medicine do what it needs to do to get you better. Your going to be just fine, just take a couple of days off. My prayers are with you during your victorius fight.

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    Susan, Please take to heart everyting everybody has said above! Your body is at war and rest is one of the ammunitions you need to win. Most people do not work full time through chemo. Not only are you tired, sick and feeling general icccky, your immune system is challanged and you are very much at risk for catching every bug around.
    On the other issue of anemia, your oncologist should be monitoring your blood counts before and after treatments. There should be no guessing if you are anemic. There are medications that "rescue" your blood counts to help prevent anemias or at the very least diminish them. Call your doctor and take a long, long weekend. Next Wednesday sounds like a nice day to work!. Good Luck, Beth
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    Hi Susan,

    I agree with Denise, don't worry about what other people think. I admire people that work at all while undergoing treatment. I took an 8 month leave of absence from work and am very glad I did. Now is the time to take care of you. I think you did the right thing; you listened to your body. Your body is going through a lot right now both physically and mentally and you should not feel bad about taking care of yourself. Don't think of it as giving in to the battle, you are just giving your body the rest it needs to keep fight this battle. You also want to make sure you get the rest you need so that you are strong enough for your next treatment.