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Besides having melanoma, I have been dealing with fibromyalgia, and Celiac Sprue (gluten intolerance)which is genetic, and Attention Deficiency Disorder. I am on Interferon Alpha, and as strange as it may sound, all the afore mentioned disorders are improving! I have always felt that fibromyalgia was a low grade virus that my immune system did not recognize and am wondering since Interferon A is an anti tumor and anti viral application, if anyone else has experienced anything like this. I'm not saying that the Interferon application has been a walk in the park, but on my GOOD days, they are really incredible! Anyone out there with any similiar experience? The celiac sprue is also affected by the immune system, so I am getting my hopes up, that maybe after my year on this, my system will be able to handle one piece of pizza again without blasting me! Spaggetti?, Lasagna?, A Big Mac? Be still my poor beat up immune system! Thanks! Connie


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    One of the chemotherapy medications I was on is so effective in relieving the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis that in severe cases, it is now used to provide relief. The anti-inflammatory/anti-viral effects of chemotherapy medications may be exactly why we see improvement of many other things while on chemotherapy.