Tamoxifen and aches and pains!!!!

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Hi all,it seems lately that I have been hearing alot about the aches that some are having while taking tamoxifen.I have also noticed that my legs ache,my back aches,my hips ache infact I ache in all my joints it seems these days.I questioned my doctor about this just yesterday and he said that yes tamoxifen can cause some joint discomfort but not like what I am having so I asked him then what is-he really didnt answer me but what I did get was a combination of the after effects from chemo and side effects from tamoxifen-isnt that what I bascially asked him-caused from the tamoxifen.They are now sending me to a pain clinic and doing therepy twice a week so we will see how it goes but at least we all know we are not alone in these aches and pains.It seems that what the cancer doesnt cause you in discomfort the treatment will but guess its better then not being alive.We have to sometimes just put our faith not only in gods hands but our doctors also.Just remember we are all survivors here and together we can get through anything. Love,Lori


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    Hi Lori, I am taking arimidex and having alot of the pains like you, I saw my onc last week and asked him about them and he told me same thing yours did, part of its from coming off chemo and part of its from the arimidex. The only thing with me is I have bone mets too, so every ache and pain in my bones and joints I really worry about..I will be having scans in a couple of months, so I will see what is going on then.We do
    have to put our faith in our Doctors hands but most of all in God's Hands....God Bless, Cherie
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    I am taking the Arimidex as well and experiencing bone pain. It is listed as one of the side effects. I am also experiencing macrocytic anemia. Blood count changes is listed as one of the rare side effects so my doctor has ordered a GI consult for a upper and lower scope. You are right about the treatments and side effects being worse than the disease. I think its because we are mostly diagnosed when we feel wonderful just going for a screening or feel a lump. Then they start cutting and infusing and medicating and rebuilding and by time they are done who knows what is causing what. Lesser of two evils???? Beth
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    Hi there, friend. I have experienced the aches in my knees (especially one knee) since the end of chemo. The Tamoxifen just hasn't made it any better. I also was diagnosed with rhuemetoid arthritis about 8 years ago and my knees were always bad from that, so I figured the chemo just didn't help my poor already stressed joints.

    Like you said, Lori, we are just glad to be alive even if a little achy. Let me know if the pain clinic helps, we may all benefit from that.

    Love, Pam
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    Hi Mom -- yes I do ache some days as well. I usually am hurting at the end of a stressful day. Stress--the stuff will kill ya! I take a calcium supplement to help prevent future osteoporosis. Hope you're feeling better soon! New
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    Hi, I'm new to this board and was looking up chest pains. I had breast cancer in dec. 2000, had chemo and radiation, I have felt more achy all over since then and am not on Tamoxifen anymore. In my case it may just be an age thing :) (48) My real concern though is chest pains which I get at the beginning of any exercise period, they last 10 minutes, the pain begins in the chest and radiates through my left arm and up to my left cheek. It is extremely uncomfortable and scary. I sometimes get the taste of blood in my mouth at the same time. (but no blood !! )After 10 min. everything settles I don't feel that speeding heart beat or the pain anymore and can resume my exercise. It's a very frightening experience it also happens to me at times with anxiety. I went through 21 tests last year, cardio, lung and chest related and they found nothing abnormal !
    Does anyone else on this board ever get this ???
    My oncologist and all the specialist I've seen tell me they do not know what it is but since my heart is fine it's ok to continue to exercise. There was mention that maybe it was scar tissue from the radiation and the tightning of the chest caused this pain????
    Has anyone else felt or heard of someone that has this problem ???