Has anybody had adhesions after surgery?

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I had surgery for colon cancer March 20, 2003. About a week ago I started feeling a sort of strain or pulling about 3 inches from my surgery scar. Friends of mine who have had surgery in the past said it sounds like adhesions. What do you think? My oncologist felt the area and said he didn't feel anything and didn't mention adhesions. Should I tell the surgeon or the gastro. doctor? Thanks for your advice. Regards, Arlene


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    You should tell the surgeon ASAP. Sounds like incisional hernia to me. If you have support, wrap yourself up right now so it doesn pull any more. The tissue beneath the scar did not stick together and there is an opening, which usually pulls like crazy. I had the same thing, but I don't know about adhesions, if it feels like that also, it might be that too then. You should tell the surgeon about anything concerning the scar.