has it been a year?

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YES it has! This month marks ONE year of my last chemo treatment.. only 4 more to go..and I can get insurance again.. gezzzzz.
Just wanted to share that - so all well know that it does get better!! LOVE


  • DeeNY711
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    HOORAY FOR FROGGIE!!! Doing the Happy Dance to celebrate! Yahoo!
  • jake10
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    Doing the Happy Dance as well. Hope it was a good year and the next 4 just keep getting better and better. What is that about insurance?????? Beth
  • bunnie
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    Hi frog iam so happy for you.I didnt relize you hadnt had insurance how come you didnt have any?All be glad when i can say one year.Amy
  • kamehameha6470
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    Congratulations! I celebrated my first year at the end of last month.