bladder and bowel reconstruction

The doctor gave me some good news and some bad news. There is no sign of cancer!!!! But the bad news is I need reconstructive surgery. A hole (fistula) developed between my bladder and vagina during radiation treatments. Non-surgical treatments worked, sort of, the hole got smaller but then a fistula developed between my bowel and vagina. So, not only do I pee, but I also expell gas out of my vagina. (Please don't ask what happens when I have diarreaha, it's really gross!!) So, now the doctor recommends reconstructive surgery. He will remove the damaged tissue of the bowel and separate the bladder from the vagina and sew everything up. The doctor says there is a 50/50 chance of success. The worst that could happen is that I will no longer have bowel or bladder functions and tubes will protrude from my body and bags will collect the body waste.

Has anyone ever had this problem? Did surgery work? Please let me know your story via this web site or feel free to email me at [email protected]. (Two "t's" in SweettP)


  • MrsSantolla
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    Hi SweetP,
    I read your message back in August. I see as of to date you havent rec'd any responses. I truly hate that. Fortunately my treatments didnt cause the fistula. I have thought about you alot. I wondered if you have had the surgery yet. If so I hope you're healing well. If not, maybe ask your doctor if they know of someone this has happened to, you could ask? Or if they know of a local Cervical Cancer support group where possibly you could find someone that could let you know about this. I hope you can find some feed back.
    Take care and God Bless!