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Hi, I am the daughter of a brest cancer survivor. My mom had a mastectomy two years ago and has had problems getting her prosthesis to work properly, or should I say "wear". It weighs practically nothing compared to the brest she has remaining (44DD) and as a result, her bra rides up which makes it difficult and uncomfortable. Is there a special bra or better prosthesis out there? She doesn't wear the prosthesis anymore and is self conscious when she goes out in public. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Deb.


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    There are many sources of weighted breast protheses online and off. The cost may be covered in full or at least partially by health insurance coverage. To determine the correct size (they are not sized according to cup size) find a bra shop with a certified mastectomy fitter. I have to tell you, though, that following double mastectomy, my biggest problem was having the bra ride up with weighted prostheses or unweighted.....didn't matter. I ultimately switched from bras to a camisole with breast form pockets. Your Mom might want to try wearing the prosthesis in the camisole worn over the bra for the other side. The camisole is available in the American Cancer Society's TLC catalogue; Appliqued Tank Top Item # 7432 Cost $30 each. It only comes in white. There are two styles, and I think the other one is less expensive, but I am so happy with the results that I wear mine as a sleeveless top with a light open shirt. You can see it online at (Hope this helps. The bra riding up was the greatest source of my dissatisfaction, discomfort and aggravation after surgery FOR MONTHS. Love, Denise)
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    Have to agree with DeeNY about asking for a masectomy specialist. I would imagine your local cancer society could offer advice on where to go. I went to our small shop here in Baton Rouge and bought a bra that had the special pockets in it and my prothesis "rode" much better in that. I also, went to the local cancer society to try different kinds of prothesis types to see what fit and sat better. I love the idea of the cami and want to check that out myself. Good Luck to you and your mom. P.S. Your Mom is lucky to have you helping her thru this!