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Hi,I'm brunilda, 7 month ago i lost 1/3 of my lung and was dx stage IB adre. no chemo or nothing, follow ups only xr every 3 month. I sholden't need to have ct of lungs, liever & brains. Please let me know. Thanks a illion


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    Hi, I am Jackie I have NSCLC stage 3b, yes you should have xray and ct of lung brain, ect...This is the only way you will catch it if it comes back, you need to be aware of the signs of cancer in these places and else where. That is what happens to alot of people, they have the cancer removed and then they have no chemo or radiation and only see their doc every 3-6 months and when they go back down the raod it is too late and the cancer has spread and it is at an advanced stage.. Do what ever they want you too to stay cancer free.
    God Bless you
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    Hi, I'm Pat. I'm sorry about your loosing part of your lung. I too lost 1/2 ot my left lung. I had radiation treatments, but no CT scans. The cancer came back in my right femur. And later in my liver. Now I am clean and have been for over 6 months. I have CT scans every 3 to 4 months and see an Oncologist every months or two.

    If you are not seeing an Oncologist, then you should. He knows and understands more about cancer than other Doctors. I agree with Jackie, you should have Scans to look for more cancer. Like the ad on TV says, Catch it early and it is very treatable.

    Have Faith in God. Keep a politive attitude and Pray.

    God Bless You
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    Hello Brunilda, my best to you, so glad your doing well,
    I was staged IIB Squamous cell NSCLC and that was 27 months ago. I had a pneumonectomy ( left lung removed) on 5/2/01. I also had no chemo or radiation follow up although now as a result of the latest study it is recommended. My follow up consisted of ct scans of the chest, abdomen, and brain along with x-rays and bloodwork. They were done every 3 to 4 months for the first 2 years. I now get x-rays and bloodwork every 3 months and ct scans every 6 months. I also strongly agree with both Pat and Jackie. If your not seeing a medical Oncologist then you should be and we must do all we can to stay cancerfree. Unfortunately, this disease can rear up again at any time. Be well and take care of yourself. Hope this helps. I can be reached here at ACS,or at rmccu37700@aol or better yet at ( boards ) if you want to talk.
    God bless and be well
    Bobmc - NSCLC-stageIIB-left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01- " absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"
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    Bruilda, you should see your oncologist. It is vital to have the cat scans and regular blood tests to determine if the cancer is in remission or is coming back. Do not just assume your done and over with this. It must be monitored.

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    Brunilda, as with other lung cancer survivors that have responded to your posting, I would urge you to consult an oncologist. I would go further and say that you should assemble a team of doctors to include: thoracic surgeon, oncologist, pulmonologist and psychotherapist. Each team member will add their own dimension to the treatment of cancer. It is imperative that you be followed at prescribed intervals - that is every month for the first 6 months, and every 3 months thereafter, until your third year. It is critical that CBC (complete blood count), CEA (tumor markers), weight, blood pressure, etc. are tracked. It is vital that you undergo CT scan of the neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis every 3 months the first year. If any abnormalities are noted during the CT, that a PET scan be scheduled immediately to rule out malignancy. An MRI of the brain is also recommended - particularly if you have unexplained headaches, blurry vision, or loss of consciousness. A bone scan sometimes during the first year is also recommended. Non Small Cell Lung Cancer at any stage can kill its host - that would be you. Do not be fooled into thinking that you are home free at stage 1B. I first had NSCLC stage 1B bronchoalveolar cell carcinoma at age 38, in my right lower lobe - this was in August of 1997. At age 42, and after being in remission for 4 and 1/2 years, and though followed routinely as indicated above, I was diagnosed with a second primary in my left upper lobe - this was in September of 2001. At age 44, and after nearly 2 years of remission, I am again diagnosed with a lesion in my right middle lobe. The fact that I am still alive has everything to do with my remaining vigilant and having an excellent team of physicians, clinicians and support staff. Remission does not imply that the cancer is dead and the battle is won - it just means that it is undectectable by all means currently available. Stay one step ahead of the disease and you will get to write lengthy memos like this one. Hang tough and live until the next cure. From one cancer survivor to another - cheers.
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    Hello brunilda..guess I will have to get in line with the others here and say...yes to checkups..including CT's, scans, bloodwork, and of course having an oncologist..he/she should be the one doctor you have if no other..and, he/she should be someone you have absolute trust in. If you are not comfortable with the one you have then find another. I am 2 1/2 years from having my left lung removed..can't say I'm 100% yet, but have taken a major roll in fighting this desease and that definately includes prevention and/or early detection...good