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thank you for your advice, My son is 25 years old he has a 6 year old son, he is doing everything to stay alive for his son. My son name is Danny. At a time like this you don't know if you are making the right choices, alternative, or more chemo that could kill him. The doctor said that a bone marrow transplant is out of the question for he would never make it out of the hospital. After 6 months of chem (abvd) and then relapes after 2 months, and then a stem cell transplant, and then radiation, and then being told that the cancer is still there is very frightening to say the least. My son has decided to undergo more chemo but at what price? Today he is strong, but is the battle worth the price of life? We all pray for him and I love my son a lot but do I have false hope, and how do I live without him? His Mom


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    I have a five year old daughter, so I know how having a child can motivate you to keep on going even when it seems like there's no where to go.

    I don't know what price Danny will pay for more chemo, but it's his decision to make. When you have cancer, so much of your life is out of your control. If you're of sound mind, and being given competent medical advice, the choice is up to the patient. I've seen many postings from people agonizing over loved ones' treatment choices. Let your son control what he can and hope for the best.

    How will you live without Danny? Maybe you won't have to. His son is half him (and maybe depedning on his looks and personality, more than half). For as long as you live, will you ever truly be without Danny?