The Joys of "Womanhood"

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Got an email today, kind of tongue in cheek about why woman are cranky. (Periods, sore breasts, pregnancy, delivery, menapause ect.....) kind of got me thinking about the real moments of joy only woman can experience. Holding our newborn and knowing "I made this", that look of complete faith your 3 year old gives you when they offer you thier boo-boo to kiss and make better. Picking out that perfect 8th grade dance dress with your daughter. That look on your son's face when you get the coolest after game treats for his team. Watching your son or daughter being kind to another child with the very same words you used on them. Hearing your grown child tell you they are afraid they could never be as good a mom as you are. Yep, even with cramps, menapause and breast cancer I wouldn't trade being a woman. Good Thoughts! Beth
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