Extreme amemia

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Just when I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I realize it is a train bearing down on me. With only two more taxotere treatments awaiting me, I thought I would get to work through this and I got so tired and light-headed that I could not get out of bed. It took me 3 hours to get dressed. I kept breaking out in a cold sweat and having to lay back down. I had a presentation at work so I HAD to be there. Good thing I started early. Well, I went to see my chemo dr. that afternoon and he ran blood tests on me and said I was very near needing a transfusion because I was so anemic. I had a low blood pressure and high heart rate. My heart was having to work too hard so he won't let me work for a day or two. Just want everyone to know that you should never assume anything in this BC battle. Just as soon as I think I know what is going on with my body, I get a NEW surprise. I am still thankful for those I work with and my friends who are always here for me. What do people do who don't have faith in God and friends to help???? Keep the faith and keep on praying!! Susan


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    Susan, Hang in there you will be just fine. I was on taxotere and carboplatin for 6 months and I have anemia. I was given procrit so that I could get on with the treatment without much delay. I had better luck with the taxotere than you are having but everyone has different side effects. Just know that we are praying for you and God will see you through this. I went back to work just 8 weeks out from surgery and can sympathize with not knowing if I could get through the day but with prayers and determination I made it. I work in a prosecutors office and it is very hectic at times but it keeps me busy and strong. I do not know if you have had procrit, but it certainly would not hurt to ask you onc Take care and may God bless, Angie
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    I agree with gadgetky. After surgery my red cells were extremely low, but the surgeon said there were more complications from a blood transfusion than having me take it real easy for a few days and taking a daily iron pill. Iron pills can be constipating, so I made sure to eat my little "dose" of bran cereal every AM. Sometimes the old ways are the best. Iron pills seemed to bring up my red cell count about as quickly as Procrit. Pretty surprising when you consider the difference in price!
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    There is absolutely no way I could have worked while receiving taxotere. The low blood pressure, high pulse rate and strain on the heart are exactly what taxotere does, and why cardiac sufficiency is evaluated prior to chemotherapy. Your expectations of what you ought to be able to do may be unrealistic within your situation. Listen to what your body says. That light headed feeling can progress to the room dimming and a terrifying realization that you are about to hit the deck. You have only two treatments left. Your blood counts ordinarily begin to return to the vicinity of normal by the third week of the cycle on their own. Epogen (Procrit) may help the lab values improve, but don't always pay off a big benefit in increased stamina. Be wise with your choices and take care of yourself. It is not forever.