fearful of the unknown future

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. It took a whole year of chemo, radiation, surgery. Now I have been diagnosed with secondary lung cancer (it metastisised) I have to wait til the 27th of this month for a biopsy so the oncology Dr. can know how to treat it. I am saddened by having to go through it all over again, but what I am most fearful is if the drugs are not enough. I have 2 small children who are very attached to me and me to them. I really don't want to leave them behind. They need me. I need prayer and words of encouragement. Thanks.


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    Hi,Iwas dx just over a year ago and that is my greatest fear of the cancer coming back. I know how you feel about having to go through all of the treatments again-first time was hard enough. I also have three young children myself and that is my worest fear is leaving them behind or them having to watch me suffer. You are not alone in your fight and our children are what gives us the strength to fight for our lives. My prayers and thoughts are with you,
    Takecare and a hug goes out to you,Lori
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    Hi Pura

    I also had the same fears of leaving behind my three kids. They were 2, 4, & 7 when I was diagnosed in Oct 2001. During my surgery, mine spread to my liver, and 40% of my liver was removed as a result. Today, I'm fine. I realize that it's discouraging when you feel the worst is over, and then you find out that you're seeming to be back at square one. But just remember how you got through the first ordeal with cancer. Granted, it wasn't fun, but you made it through. Use your love of your family to get you through this...love is stronger than fear!

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family...

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    Just want to say I pray for you. I also fear the unknown.Was your breast cancer in your nodes .Mine wasn`t.I just had my second chemo yesterday.........
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