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Two months ago I had my esophagus removed and am interested in knowing how persons with similar surgery do after time with returning to normal eating. I can not tolerate sugar (in desserts,etc)and have difficulty with any fluids other than water. I can not drink with my meals or I am too full too quickly. What kinds of positive changes, if any, can I expect 6-12 months after surgery?


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    Greetings> I am a 5+ year survivor of Stage III EC. It sounds like you are experiencing many of the common early post surgery eating "experiences". For me it took about a year to fully stablize which is a long time but is not uncommon. I suggest that you visit Cathys EC cafe at "" and check out the links and also join the EC Digest group. There are over 1200 members and there is lots of information on eating and nutrition. You can contact me directly at "". Good luck, Bruce Triebold
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    hi, I am a Stage 3 EC survivor. The first few months following surgery I had difficulty getting used to swallowing. At this point (4 years!!!!) Swallowing is something I do not think about. It is like my body adapted to the modified equipment and learned how to use it. Hang in there. It is a bumpy road coming back, but you will make it.
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    Hello, I am a caregiver. I have some ?'s if anyone can help us out. My husband was dignosed with cancer back in Jan. They found a tumor in his esophagus. The Drs. decided to have surgery in feb. to remove the Tumor, it turned out that the tumor was to big to remove. So, the drs said that the best way to remove the tumor was to try and shrink it. and try to control the C. from spreading. Over the summer he had went through several chemo/rad. treatments. In Aug. we had a 2nd surgery. They had to remove his whole stomach. The tumor had dropped into his stomach. they had made him a pouch out of his Large intestine. I do understand about the eating,drinking of fluids. It seems that he has more trouble drinking water than anything else. This was in aug. we are now in Jan. It seems that the eating,drinking is getting better. He has had 3 dilations. The 3rd one had really wrked in favor of him. I think by taking his vitamins and some vicodin. He seems to be coming along slowley but surely. Okay. heres were the ?s come in. What other symptons of recovery has anyone had besides the eating or swalling. Has there been diahrrea, Or vomiting. Stomach turning. gassy symptoms. I'm sure that the Vitamsin has helped the allot, but please can someone help me on understanding the process of recovery. Like I'm sure we all are, but Maybe, some one that has been through the recover stages can help.

    MichiganJake1,We are still in the process of recovery ourselves, just try and be patient. I do understand that you want to get back to normal quickly. It's going to take a lil time and patients. Ask your Drs. about the Dilations.
    The reason why, the 3rd dil. had wrked. is because, they needed to take the sutures from inside of where they had Sewed his Esop. and his intestine together. and that really wrked.
    If you have anymore ?s and would like to ask
    my e-mail is:
    Hang in there, MichiganJake1
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    Like few other things in life, this one does get better with time. It does take awhile though. I am about 2 and 1/2 years out of surgery. Now I can eat almost anything. I really like Thai food! As will always be the case, I can not eat much (about Whopper with cheese is full capacity) but I try to eat often. After about eighteen months I started to regain weight. It really helps to keep a log for about the first year. That way you can avoid foods that don't 'process well'. Just hang in there, take it slow and easy and slowly expand the envelop. It really does get better....