Good Old friend with new diagnosis

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Just wanted to ask your prayers for an old friend that moved away and we lost touch. She called this past week and has been diagnosed stage II-III invasive ductal breast cancer during her 1st age 40 mamogram. It was a cluster tumor 6 or 7 cm in size! So, keep her husband and children as well as Mel in your prayers. I told her we will get her thru this!


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    Sounds like she knew the right person to call. How horrible that your friendship is renewed with such terrible news.

    I, too had stage III with the tumor at 9cm. If they treat hers very aggresively, she could be fine, but she has a long road ahead of her as I'm sure you already know. I just finished my last rad in July and my third CT scan/bone scan showed no mets. So it can be done!

    Good luck to your friend and God bless you both. We'll all be thinking of you.
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    May The Lord bless Mel and all her loved ones with patience, strength, and peace for the duration of their fight. And prayers to you snookums for the ability to help your friend when you are needed.
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    I had a 4-5cm tumor w/ 13+ lymph nodes and have since had 2 bone mets, diagnosed 6/00 and 8/01 respectively. Stay positive for her, as I know you will. This can be beaten! I tell my friends, sorry to say quite a few have been diagnosed with cancer since my diagnosis. Anyway, I tell them 'yeah, it's like getting a new car, after you buy one everybody wants to drive the same thing!'. Plus I tell them they are just jealous of all the attention I was getting. LOL
    I know this is a serious matter, but laughter IS the best medicine. Of course faith in God and having a willing heart to take this hardship and do something to bring him honor and glory IS the most important thing of all. Everything else will just fall right into place according to his will. God bless, I'll be praying for your friend. Maybe she'll even want to visit this site, might help.
    ((((HUGS)))) hummingbyrd
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    I have a very close friend who was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer (8 cm.) at age 32. She went through very aggressive chemo and it's now 10 years later. She's great - no recurrence and going strong. I'll hope for the same for your friend. She's lucky to have such a good friend as you on her side!