pain in arm

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Thanks for all your helpful advise. I have been more active recently, swimming and gardening so maybe that is all it is. I will try the pillow and icepack idea. My surgeon said my arm shouldn't be affected by my surgery. Thanks again.


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    I hate to be a wet noodle here toni, but I have a bone met and thats exactly how I found it. I had been overly active (pulling weeds more than I should have been) and thought that's all it was. My upper right arm felt like I had pulled a muscle, only certain things made it putting the car into gear, etc. Most of the time it didn't bother me. This went on for about 4 weeks until I asked for a bone scan. Barely detectable on scan, but confirmed by plain film
    x-ray. All I'm saying is, if something is persistent, even off and on persistent, and is not normal for you, have it checked out. Better to be safe than sorry! God bless. hummingbyrd