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I had a masectomy in November and 3 nodes removed.I am thru chemo and feeling good. I had no pain whatsoever in my arm until about 2 months ago. I seem to be getting weaker in that arm also. I asked my oncologist about it and all he said was "anytime you have surgery you will have problems on that side". I still don't understand why it didn't hurt before and does now. I am getting worried that it could be something more serious. There is no swelling of the arm. Has anyone else experienced this? What do you do to relieve is hard to sleep at night.


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    Part of the reason it did not cause much discomfort until now may be that the nerves were numb at first and are now returning sensation. If either of my arms starts to bother me, I sleep on the opposite side with the affected arm up on a pillow that is draped across me side to side. It helps a lot. Although the answer your oncologist gave you may be an honest one to the best of the person's knowledge, feel free to call the surgeon who performed the procedure to ask about this. Also, try to think back if within the past few weeks you have been doing anything that causes more than usual vibration to travel up your arm. (ie. using a garden tool or a household tool, kneading dough in a creative moment, even driving for a significantly longer distance than usual) Aside from doctors, Reach for Recovery is an excellent source of information as well. Hope this helps. Love, Denise
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    Do you have a gel ice pack? I placed it wrapped in a dish towel and put it in my arm pit and left it there for 15 minutes every hour until the pain stopped. I still have "phatom pains" (per the oncologist) and it's been 14 years. Also, they had me put "Tucks" in the freezer and put those on the surgery site. It took heat out of the site. I know that's not what they're for, but it worked!

    Also, what side is this? What handed are you? My surgery was my favored side and that also made it more difficult. I went thru a period where I dropped stuff all the time. It passed. They told me the pain was caused by the nerves trying to reconnect themselves. Can you sleep with a pillow and place your arm on that? Also, what about meds? I think they put me on Ultram for the discomfort. Let me know if any of these ideas work for you or if you have anymore questions, I might be able to help. My email is [email protected]
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    Don't have pain in my arm, but I do have a tight pulling feeling when I extend my arm over my head and then extend the elbow. This started to happen 3 months after my surgery (2 nodes removed). My surgeon thinks it is fibroid tissue that may need to be snipped. If you don't have swelling it is probably not lymphodema. Ask your surgeon about it, the oncologist does not know what was done in there and what tissue the surgery affected.
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    Dear toni61
    If you have no swelling, then it is more than likely not lymphodema, which is good. I'd ask the surgeon, see what they have to offer you in way of advise. I'm almost two years out and still have some pains from time to time, mostly when Im tired or have ''over done it''.
    Good Luck andGod Bless
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    I have several issues i need to talk about hereI have found three large lumps under my arm after a jan and lym-removal of 23 nodes. no one hads discussed why i have redness,bloating,stingingand heavyness in my arm. my doc says its lymphedemia, but my ins co. won't let me get therepy for it. do you have any suggestion on how to controll it? any one