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At age 45, and never having smoked, somehow I contracted lung cancer. Part of my lung was removed along with several suspicious lymph nodes. Then I had chemo and radiation treatments. Three months ago bloodwork and x-rays looked great, and I was told I had an excellent prognosis. I've been in remission over a year, but that may not be true anymore because of inconclusive results of a bone scan done 10 days ago. I'm scheduled to have a CAT scan and MRI, then see the oncologist again. Any tips for keeping my spirits up until I see the oncologist again will be appreciated.


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    You have recovered so far so have faith. Pray to God and go for walks and enjoy nature. It is hell waiting for results. Sit in the park and read a book my I suggest the "The Power of Crying Our" it is fantastic. My husband had tumor in his throat and was gone by radiation in 2002 then in 2003 metastasized to bone and lungs. Chemo treatments did not work so now we are going to try Iressa drug. Keep positive that is half the battle. I know it is hard but try. That is 80% of treatment. Lots of prayers, Candy
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    Hi Jane, I would have to say the best way to keep your spirits up is by doing things for those who are less fortunate than us and by having a strong support system through friends and family, and last but not least is through the peace that God gives us through prayer and reading of the Bible. This is what works for me. I also am waiting for a firm diagnoses for secondary lung cancer. I had breast cancer 3 years ago at the age of 36. Whatever results we get, we will give it all we got!
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    Jane - Cancer may rob us of life but it cannot kill our spirit. Try and remember as you undergo tests and treatment that you are a spiritual being on an earthly journey - that all is well and will be well - despite all evidence to the contrary. You are a child of a loving creator who has sought to present you with a challenge. Yours is to meet the challenge with faith, courage and determination. There is nothing that you will encounter this day that God has not equipped you to handle. We are nearly the same age - I am 44 - since the age of 38, I have lived through 3 bouts of lung cancer. It can be done. God has a purpose for each and everyone of us. What is yours?