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Hi all, my dearest girlfriend was diagnosed with cancer 16 months ago. The primary site was her breast but by the time they found it, the cancer had spread to her spine and brain. As a result, she lost the ability to walk and now uses a walking frame. The doctors told her to get her affairs in order but proceded to try a massive chemo program followed by radiation treatment. This seemed to slow the cancer down to the point that it was no longer showing up in her MRI or PET scans. Recently though, she has started experiencing the same type of symptoms she experienced when first diagnosed i.e. severe headaches, nausea and vomiting, numbness on the left side of her face and slight drooping. She has had more scans and lumber punctures and all show up clear. Her doctors are baffled but suspicious. They are trying to address these issues with a hormone treatment. I apologise that I don't know all the medical terms but has anyone experienced a similar cancer and what was your experience with treatment. Like many of you, my beautiful friend is young (37) and the mother of three small children. It just seems that the doctors are scratching their heads with no answers. Would love to hear your story. Thanks Caroline


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    I am so sorry I can not help you. Your friend will be in my prayers. She is lucky to have you! (((hugs))) Cammie
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    Where does she live and is she near any hospital that is a research hospital. I would try to get to a place like Mayo Clinic or one of the other research hospitals. Don't give up, help her find someone who may be able to help. Research for her if she can't. Sounds like you are a good friend. You'll be in our prayers. laura
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    Hi Caroline:

    You're a good friend!

    I haven't any met experience but know that many people have tried CTCA and have had amazing success. Many after being told just what your friend was told: "To get their affairs in order".

    You may contact CTCA or pass the info along to your friend. Perhaps they can help. They offer a tremendous comprehensive program, including diet, exercises, spiritual nourishment, etc..
    1-800-367-4357. Your friend can speak with a counselor there who can provide details of all the traditional/trial and complementary methods of treatment which they offer. They also offer paid transportation to their nearest treatment centers, etc.. It's a completely different experience from what most of us have in our cancer journey's. Attention is given to every detail of all which makes us human...not just our cancer. No one I've spoken with has ever felt like "just a patient" there. They have helped, as I said, many who were given no hope. Perhaps they can isloate your friends specific problem and address it effectively, if it's agreeable to her.

    Hope this may be helpful. In the meantime, just continue to be there as someone she can lean on and gain strength from.

    Sending warm wishes for the very best outcome!

    Love, light and laughter,