I had surgery....

I had the 2 spots of dysplasia removed on Monday and they sent off to the lab to be checked. They sound positive we can have more beautiful children like our 15 month old son. We must wait for the go ahead first. We just had our 2 year anniversary 2 weeks before they found pre cancerous cells in my pap. My husband and son helped me through it all. I go back on Aug 21 to get checked to see if everything has healed. Then go in 3 months for another pap. I'm scared for that one to come back. Thank you all for listening.


  • momof5
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    Good luck with your next appointment.
  • WMReid
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    Good luck......Had spots of dysplsia that turned up cancerous. Docs performed conization and I am celebrating 7 years cancerfree on September 26th. I went every 3months for 1 year and the every 6 months, now yearly. You'll be fine. Early detection is the key!