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Has anybody experienced mood swings after their surgery? I had a radical prostatectomy 8 weeks ago and my wife says that I have been very moody since the surgery. Sometimes I act like I'm in another world and other times I want to bite off the head of anyone in my way. This is not the way I am normally. If anyone has experienced the same problems please let me know.


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    Billy, everyone reacts differently however, I found that this was a "face reality" check that I did not expect and I like many others just plain know that others don't understand me. Now, months later and becoming very involved in other activities I don't think about it except when I go to have my psa/check-up. Anything this major will affect your outlook on life. Take it like everything else and get so busy doing what you and your family enjoy to do. Replacement therapy. Replace the lingering thoughts with new things and time will heal most.
    Good Luck
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    Dear Billy D.
    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996. I was very depressed about it, so my doctor prescribed Prozac which gave me considerable relief despite the diagnosis. I was better able to decide to have RP 2 months later. It enabled me to focus on my work. I think it would be worth asking your doctor for an antidepressant. It won't make you high. Instead, you will be like Star Trek's Mr. Spock, totally rational, clear thinking and philosophical.
    Best regards,
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    Did your doctor give you Lupron to slow down the cancer prior to surgery? This reduces your testosterone and produces mood swings, hot flashes etc.