hot flashes and night sweats

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Hello all, Congratulations to ME! Last chemo yesterday, and last nuelasta shot today. Came through with only a few minor problems. Am going to celabrate with a 1 hr full body massage next week!! My question today is about night sweats. When we found the lump the doc took me off BC and I had 1 period and stopped, followed by pretty severe hot flashes. Took Effexor and they went away, but too expensive so I stopped. For the first time last night I was rudly awaken 5 or 6 times with terrible sweats. I mean water was dripping from my head, running between my chest, my palms wear wet along with my arms and my legs to the knee. Now the doc wants me to keep my fluid intake high because of low blood pressure, 96 over 66. do you suppose all this extra fluid started this? what do you do about it, I need my sleep? Any info would be appreciated very much. Thanks Angels, Flygirl


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    Congratulations on finishing chemo! That's a great feeling, I finished mine in Jan. As far as hot flashes, I also got terrible ones after chemo when my periods stopped. In my case, they seemed to become less intense and frequent over time and tamoxifen seemed to help them as well, but everyone's experience is different. Good Luck, Mary Beth
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    Hi congratulations of finishing up chemo.I was done Apirl 25th.I too had night sweats.I still have not had a menstral cycle since being on chemo and i no longer have the night sweats either and iam not on any other medications the night sweats just stopped on there own.Hope your do and hope your blood preassure straightens out.Amy
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    Congratulations, Amelia! My last chemo treatment is today at 1 PM. HOORAY! My blood pressure has been quite low since I have been on chemotherapy, even though I had a history of hypertension prior to all of this. On Adriamycin/Cytoxan, it ran around 100/68..... on Taxotere it can and does go lower. Simultaneously, my heart rate is over 100 all the time and hits 138 just from walking 200 feet. One of my friends gave me a GREAT giant water mug that holds 96 ounces of water. I can't believe how fast it goes and measured to make sure it said the correct amount. Sometimes the Poland Spring bottles that are 1 Pint and 0.9 ounce are easier to chug-a-lug by just pouring it into mouth. Water is your friend, for sure. Love, Denise
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    Your experiences mirror mine. Try Effexor 150mg. I was on Effexor 25mg and it didn't help at all. With 150mg per day, I am hot flash free!

    Try Ambien to sleep (sorry, it is a narcotic). Good luck. Let me know if the Effexor works.
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    Thanks all for your help. the night sweats haven't returned, just that one night. A final farewell to chemo? Yes effexor did work on the hot flashes, but they are too expensive, $90 a month. Just barley survived nuelasta shot. Man that one really does me in, I hurt all over and it gets worse every time I stand up. thank goodness I don't have to do that again!! God bless all of you, you are all in my prayers, Amelia