Diagnoosed on 3/31/03

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I'm 43 years old and was diagnosed with prostate cancer on March 31, 2003. PSA was 5.5 and Gleason was 7 in the left apex and left base, but 6 in the right middle. I had surgery on 6/4/03. The margins and lymph nodes were clear. I am doing pretty well. Very little incontinance but still can't obtain an erection. I am a little worried because my first PSA test last week came back as .4. My doctor doesn't think that this is a problem but I am worried because he originally told me that the first PSA would probably come back as <.1. Has anybody had the same happen to them? My doctor also said that prostate cancer is
more aggressive in younger men. Has anyone heard anything similar? Thank You.


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    Hi Billy,

    It's good to hear the results of the post op tests. It sounds very positive that all of the cancer was confined to the prostate. Also, the continence factor sounds good.

    As for the PSA result, my physician told me that anything less than 1.0 was good. He said that the measurement characteristics of the lab equipment could limit the results. i.e. some measuring devices might have a low limit of .4 whereas another might have .1 or .01. You should trust your Doctor on what is an acceptable level.

    As for the erection issue, there are several options available. Ask your Doctor and I am sure he would be glad to write a prescription or give you some other suggestions.

    Good luck, and CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a Survivior. I look forward to your participation on this site.

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    It's good to hear your incontenence is doing so well. I am almost on my 1 year aniversary and mine is just ending. Most, I say most guys don't acheive erections on their own for 6 to 12 months. Your Dr. can prescribe something to help you until you acheive your own. Both my surgeon and my brothers claim anything under 0.4 is OK. mine has been 0.1 for 3 test since surgery. I would say your doing great.
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    I was diagnosed 12/6/02, at age 52, with three of 6 needle biopsy positive at a
    gleason 7. Had surgery 1/14/03. Two post op PSAs one in May and one last month, both <0.1ng/ml.

    Have also had erection problems. No luck so far but I am seeing some improvement. Tried Viagra and am now trying Levitra. No luck so far but the doc is optimistic.

    You are a survivor! That is important. It is frustrating not being able to have an erection. I am trying to be patient and would suggest the same.

    had not heard about Prostate cancer being more aggresive in younger men. In my case, when they did the post op path, they found that the canceer was spreading within the prostate.

    Be strong!