Bcell with immune system complcns in pulmonary, eyes

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Richard, now 47, diagnosed May2001 after loaf-bread size tumor in stomach. UCLA hotshots left it untreated except for brief May2002 round of rutuxin withone additional experimental drug, an immune system booster oligonucleotide. No change in tumor but by July 02 he noticed increasing difficulty breathing and chalked it up to the size of the tumor(since the Docs said this was the expln). When he finally started monthly chemo in March 20 03, the tumor shrunk noticeably after 2 treatments but the breathing probs intensified and pulmonary battery of tests indicated obstructive diorder presumed to be bronchilosis obliterans. He had also suffered dry eye syndrome since Feb 03. Tissue sample of lung inconclusive, docs cease chemo until pulm probs and eyes quiet down, conclude it is overactive immune system cause (of course defer source finding), and lace him with 40mg. prednisone daily for seven weeks. No signif change in last week's repeat of pulm tests. Anyone heard of this (or similar) sequence of events? What do you think of the Prednisone regimen at this point? Dare he risk an even more invasive intrusion for a piece of tissue, esp. when it could be inconclusive again? Other thoughts welcome.


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    We think the best place in the world is City of Hope in Duarte California. Near Pasadena. Don't delay! Go there for a second opinion. www.cityofhope.org
    We were there seven years for an autologus stem cell transplant. The doctors are the best.
    God bless you.
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    Hi, my mom 64 had a Bcell in her thigh. After chemo treatments shrunk it to zero she had rutuxin follow ups every 6 months. Each time, she landed in the hospital due to trouble breathing and with pneumonia like symptons with a cloudy lung. Her Dr. did some research and found that there are reported cases of lung problems after Rutuxin. We have stopped Rutuxin. Upon treatment with Prednisone she can control it but when she stops, it comes back slowely. I know the Dr. does not want to keep her on Prednisone for long periods of time. They want to go in and test a lung sample as they did with Richard. She is at the Dr. today to discuss what her next steps should be. I wish I knew how widespread this lung infection side affect was. Please email me if you'd like to discuss or have further info. [email protected]