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Hi, I'm new here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 34. I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1999. I had surgery on 3-29-99. I started chemo treatments on May 10, 1999. I had a total of 40 chemo treatments and 6 weeks of radiation/chemo combined treatments. At the time of the treatments my only child was 5 yrs. old. It was real hard for us to deal with at first. I just couldn't believe at such a young age of what I was having to go through. I thought I was in great health. My son, bless his little heart, had a real hard time knowing that I was sick and had to go to the doctor all the time. He is the reason why I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started to fight for my life. My fiancee was there for both of us through the whole thing. I think the hardest for me was watching my son go through this with me and knowing that I wouldn't be able to have anymore kids. My fiancee informed me that my life was more important than having children with me. From that moment I knew he was the man that I would spend the rest of my life with. January 2000 was my last treatment. I have been cancer free since then. We are living ours lives together. We take nothing for granted. I hope I can get to know some of you. It helps to know that there are other people to share this with.


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    Congratulations on your current success! I was 33 when I was diagnosed, and my kids were totally my motivation to win this thing. Your fiancee is right...kids can be adopted, but you cannot be replaced. Make sure you tell your son what a brave little trooper he is, too!

    Visit the chat section of this site...it's very theraputic, and actually, quite fun! You will meet a lot of people who understand where you've been regarding treatments and surgeries, and are eager to make you feel welcome.

    Keep your chin up and don't give up the fight...your work here isn't finished yet!

    Take Care,
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    Welcome Cm. If you are over 4 years post surgery you are doing pretty good. I'm just over two years though I'm a lot older than you are; about twice your age in fact. Your good attitude is a real bonus. Keep it up. Stay tuned.
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    Hi there. My name is Viv, and my husband has intestinal cancer. He had his large tumour removed, but there are mini cancer sites (little spots) scattered all over his abdomen. The rest of his organs are in great shape at the moment. He has quit smoking, has changed his diet (the Moerman Therapy Anti-Cancer Diet)and is following it 100%. He has been told he has 6 mths to 2 yrs to live, but with Chemo..if he's really lucky...he may get up to five, but that's it for sure. After reading this book, and lots of positive thinking, we both believe that there's still hope for him. I was glad to hear that you are cancer free after 4 years now, and if there's anything you could add from your experience, please let me know. Also...the chat room, as mentioned from another member...is fabulous. They were so supportive, while I was in a panick (only found out last month). We have 4 children as well, all under 12, and they don't know yet. We want to see how chemo goes. It's still very scary, but I have hope. Thanks for sharing your story. Viv
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    Ahoy, cmtwendel -

    Welcome to the site. I was young, too when I was dignosed - 37. Pathology indicated my tumors had been with me for about four years prior to that.

    I participated in a genetic study looking at younger people like you and me that get colon cancer. There is a genetic defect that can lead to CC. I took the genetic testing they offered and found I have Non Polyposis Hereditary Colo-Rectal Cancer (NPHCC). If you are interested in the study I can provide you with the name of the study director at the National Cancer Institute. If you have the trait, you have a 50% chance of passing it on to your little one. Knowing if he has the gene won't necessarily keep him from getting sick, but it will certainly bolster the case to be extremely vigilant and catch anything early.

    Lots of great folks here - have fun!

    - SpongeBob
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    You are not alone. I am in my 3 year of remission. Remember to finishing living before you start dying. Each day is a gift!