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I just wanted to thank you all for your responses. Hummingbyrd, you are an inspiration, girl,and wanted you to know that God is using you in tremendous ways. Laura, Mico, Denise, Stephanie, and Tara my gratitude for your kind words. I had just heard about a friend with bad news when I posted my message the other day. Felt down, and I know everyone on this board knows that feeling. As I said all is great right now and I hope all is well with you. May God continue to bless you gals, Love and hugs to all on this board, Angie


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    Angie, all we can do is be here for each other. I have found so much love and understanding here. I'm only two months into this but feel like I have alot of friends here. Keep coming back!
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    Click on page 2 and go back to read the replies to your original message, Angie. Joules112 left a new reply that has made my heart sing out the first little peeps of optimism. It is inspiring. Love, Denise
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    What a blessing you have been to me today Angie. It thrills my heart to hear the Lord has used me in any way. I must admit this is a site filled with inspiring women. There is so much love, sincere support and so many shoulders to lean on here. We are all truly blessed, oddly enough, by the thing that struck such fear in our hearts initially. As they say, 'God works in mysterious ways'. Hope you continue to visit us!
    Group (((((HUG)))). Luv ya, hummb.