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Thanks to Stacy and VC for your replies to my message below about entering the waiting game. Your replies helped. Thanks also to the folk who welcomed me when I tried to enter the chat room the other day. I couldn't figure out how to enter! (I think because I am using a Mac and not a PC) - thanks for making me feel welcome.

I just ordered a cancer "Survivor" t-shirt over the internet and plan to start wearing it as soon as it arrives - no waiting 5 years for me!!

Thanks again,Tara


  • StacyGleaso
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    GOOD FOR YOU TARA! Take charge of your life!

    Stay Healthy,

  • spongebob
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    Tara -

    With an attitude like "no waiting 5 years for me!" you can't lose! Way to go!

    I can't get the hang of the chat room either - and I have a PC. I'm just technologically challenged.

    Welcome. I look forward to reading your posts.

    - SpongeBob
  • vcavanagh
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    'Atta Girl. Keep talking. We're listening.