nails after A/C chemo

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My nails are absolutely beautiful after 4 doses of A/C chemo.....strong and long. I used to have nails that would split, and I couldn't get them to grow long.
Anyone else experience this?


  • mc2001
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    Hi Sue!
    Glad to hear that your chemo treatment gave you the results of spending a day at a beauty spa! haha just kidding :-)
    Seriously, I have heard that when (some) people finish chemo, their finger nails and toe nails look and feel healthy, and hair grows back thicker! (once I heard of an ulcer healing!) know, I think I am going to give my next girlfriend a gift certificate to spend the day at the Hematology-Oncology Clinic!!
    Take care,
  • DeeNY711
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    My nails did the same thing, Sue. I worried about what the subsequent cycles of taxotere would do to the nails, but aside from a strange uncomfortable sensation, nothing big has happened so far and the last chemotherapy treatment is this Thursday, August 7th. Enjoy your gorgeous nails! Love, Denise
  • joules112
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    It's because your nails are made from dead cells. Mine were fablous during chemo and still are better than they were before
  • joules112
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    I had exactly same thing. Your nails are made from dead cells and when you're going thru chemo you have lots of those - and great skin and nails! :0)
  • vfmccoy
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    Hi Sue,
    I noticed the difference in my nails. I always had nice nails because I have gel applied but after the 4 A/C chemo both my finger nails and toe nails have grown so quickly. I guess this is our silver lining.