Arm with lymphodema broken

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My mother is almost 84. She had lumpectomy for breast cancer 3 years ago - and non cancerous lymph nodes removed from her right side - followed by seven weeks of radiation. She wears a sleeve to try to reduce the swelling from lymphodema in her right arm (she is right handed). Other wise, she is bright and extremely energetic and active for someone her age - living independently. 2 weeks ago, she fell and broke her arm - just below where it joins the shoulder. The arm and hand immediately puffed up to enormous size. Wearing the sleeve is now out of the question - plus the arm cannot be propped up or manipulated - it cannot be put in a cast due to the location of the fracture (she is in a velcro shoulder/arm immobilization swath and sling device except when bathing) - and even if casted, I think the cast would bind the swelling. The doctor is stumped....just "wishes" there was something that could be done. Any suggestions? I am thinking even of maybe a much larger sleeve on a temporary basis - if she can tolerate the pain of having it applied to the arm. The bone can take 2-3 months to heal - I cannot imagine the long term effects this severe swelling will have on her dominate side!