Believe it or not you will smile again

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Today I am getting ready to leave for Montana for my daughters wedding. After being diagnosed with bc last Novemeber I was fearful of being here for the event. But I am cancer free and doing well. And I never thought back in the beginning of this journey that I would smile, laugh, look forward to visiting with family and friends but....I was wrong. Life does go on and we adjust and heal. For whatever time I have in this world I will be eternally grateful for the opportunity to look at life a different way. Friends and family are more precious, the sun is so much brighter, the birds in my yard each morning are so interesting, ice cream tastes so much better...... You get my drift.
For anyone just starting this journey, I am trully sorry for your pain, but please believe that you are stronger than you think and you will laugh again. Thanks to all of you for your wisdom and you answers. Beth


  • DeeNY711
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    Hooray for happy occasions! Thank you for sharing the joy of your daughter's wedding with all of us, too. What a wonderful thing to look forward to, for sure! Love, Denise
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    That is all so true. Everything is that much sweeter when you have the opportunity to appreciate the small things again.

    Congratulations on your daughter's wedding and on your ability to attend it.

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    Congratulations! Just had to tell you I spent 30 minutes last Friday just watching a butterfly flitter around my butterfly bush. Everything is more precious.