quick tamoxifen question

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When is the best time of the day to take this med?


  • lindatn
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    It seems it doesn't matter according to the drug labels but if you get a upset stomach take it with a meal. I found that taking mine after supper worked best. If I could figure out how to keep from having hot flashes I would be way ahead of the game. Husband is on Lupron so we are forever tuning the A/C up or down and neither one of us is happy about any of it. Linda
  • Marymomof3
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    I take mine at bedtime right after I brush my teeth which helps me remember to take it. When I first started the drug, I used to think it affected my mood a few hours after I took it, so taking it at night helped that too. Mary Beth
  • cruf
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    Hi! I've been taking it for almost 3 years first thing in the AM. Haven't had any problems. Sure do wish I could get rid of the hot flashes! HUGS!! Cathy