Done with Chemo - Yippie!

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To all my friends on this board. I have finally completed my last Chemo on Friday, July 25th. I feel like I have accomplished so much. I breezed through all my Chemo treatments with very little side effects. My Onc is very pleased with how I handled it and is calling me the Chemo Poster Child. I am in a study becuase of my Her2 status that will include 1 year of Herceptine, but that is not a big deal. Now I am on to 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. Any suggestions of how Radiation side effects are differant than Chemo would be greatly appreciated. My attitude is that I am already a Cancer Survivor, there is no evidence of Cancer anywehre in my body. I will continue to keep you all updated on how my Radiation goes and my continuing Herceptine treatments. Thank you all for all your support and suggestions.


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    Glad too hear that your done with Chemo.That is always a nice felling.Hope Radiation goes as well for you.Amy
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    Yeah, no chemo!!!!!! That's one less "hoop" to jump through in your fight against cancer. Radiation isn't bad and some people have no side effects. Sounds like you'll be one of those.

    Good luck and keep smiling.
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    ryley said:

    Yeah, no chemo!!!!!! That's one less "hoop" to jump through in your fight against cancer. Radiation isn't bad and some people have no side effects. Sounds like you'll be one of those.

    Good luck and keep smiling.

    Chemo, I'm only 2 chemo treatments behind you - YEAH only 2 more - and then on to radiation as well. I'm also in the same study, or a very similar one (I know there's a couple going on) with the Herceptin for 52 wks. We'll have to keep each other informed! Good for you Chemo, and I'm right behind ya! Judy
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    Ballons are falling from the sky! Yippeee no more chemo. You are a brave woman, and a fighter. I didn't receive radiation so I can not help in that area. But God bless you - prayers sent your way. Love Cammie
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    HOORAY and congratulations! Love, Denise
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    All hail the queen! Congrats on finishing chemo. I will have my last 3 radiation treatments starting Monday.

    I too sailed through chemo with little side effects and laid down on that table ready to get my first treatment and was surprised to find tears running down my face. Not because it hurt but because its scary laying there alone. You can't move so the tears ran into my ears!

    The radiation itself didn't start to affect me until about 3 weeks into it. I had my neck nodes radiated and the skin over my collarbone and on my neck got red and burned looking. I used Aquaphor healing ointment on it even before I started to have a reaction and I think that helped keep my skin moist and supple. I peeled on the spots but my skin never cracked or got weepy. I also burned and peeled under my arm but that didn't happen until just this past week.

    I had no fatigue but I did have a scratchy throat starting about 2 weeks in and again that was from the neck radiation.

    Its really not bad at all...just a pain to go everyday. Be prepared and go with whatever feelings you experience that first day. No telling how we're going to react after all we've been through! I think you will be surprised to find how quickly your 33 treatments will go. I know I am!

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    Congratulations!! You might continue to be tired with rads. The most important thing is to take good care of your skin. The doctor should give you some ointment to use daily. Good luck! Diane
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    Good luck to you. I had rad. last year and it did
    burn my skin. I used liquid vitamin E and pour it into some healing lotion. Used it after my bath
    EVERY night. The burning and being tired was my side effects. Yes, it was scary all alone on the table and knowing why you were there. Keep good
    thoughts and keep in touch with the Lord!! mary
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    Congrats on finishing chemo. You made it! Radiation was much easier than chemo, no major side effects, just a little tired towards the end. You go girl! Mary Beth
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    Dear Cqueen.. does this mean we can no longer call you the chemo queen??you will have be DONE with chemoqueen...oooroorrr RADQUEEN.. LOL..BTW .. the main PAIN with Radiation is that you have to go everyday!
    *doing happy dance for end of chemo*
    God Bless
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