Decision made/ovarian "abduction"

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Hi all,
Yes I mean to say "abduction" rather than ablation, puts me in mind of aliens coming and sucking my ovaries into the ship. I saw my oncologist today and he was enthusiastically 100% behind my having an ovarian ablation (laproscopic) and staying on arimidex. He told me that he is recommending this route for a lot more of his pre-menopausal patients and seeing great results and less side effects than using drugs. I felt so relieved. My questions were honestly answered. He said that he could give me Lupron to stop ovarian estrogen production post haste, but said that having my ovaries keep working until the laproscopy could be scheduled did not pose any significant risk ( we're talking a month or so) So no Lurpon for me. I am so relieved and once again glad I chose the onc. I have. He encourages his patients to email with questions and concerns, and he answers email the same day. He told me that he was glad that I had emailed him regarding this issue because it gave him time to do some thinking before I saw him. I am thinking of participating in the Rebecca Study for prevention of bone loss.
Thanks to everyone for your feedback. Thanks in particular to the women who shared their experiences with ovarian ablation. Everyone who wrote to me felt they had made the right decision and only had the major hot flash side effect--and this diminished with time. Thanks again. I am so glad I joined this discussion. Your experiences really helped me make my decision and I believe whole heartedly it is the right decision for me. Thanks Hummer, Marie, Jane and Kathy you are all brave and lovely. I hope I can give back what I have received.
With much affection,