God Bless you all!

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You are all such strong women. Breast cancer, bilateral mastectomys, chemo, lumpectomy, radiation and now genetic testing and the recommendations from that if positive???? I am humbled by your strength and how we all reach out to each other for information and support. I am so glad I am a woman, what do guys do?
God Bless us all and I pray for heeling for us all but most of all I give thanks for all of you. Beth


  • smvargo
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    I don't know what guys do. I wish there was a discussion for guy partners of women with bc, although I'm pretty sure my husband would only join if his identity was never ever revealed. I have to tell you that my husband shaved his head when I lost my hair. His female co-workers thought he should go on Oprah, and thought he was the best husband in the universe. They did not know about the emotional roller coaster we were on at home. I am glad to be a woman and think the women in this discussion are the "cat's meow." Bravery, courage, guts, wit and no nonsense staring reality in the eye. You are all my idols.
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    I appreciate everybody on the message board the most at 4 o'clock in the morning when I climb up the staircase to the computer and find the wisdom, reassurance and most of all the laughter that comes through finding the funny part in this shared patch of ground. Hugs, Denise
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    I agree that this board has some of the strongest and kindest women I've talked to anywhere. Over the last 10 months of dealing with my cancer, my support systems have kind of fell away one by one, but this board has always been there when I'm at my lowest. I do feel that being able to come here and read about others' experiences has strengthened me and I am much the better for it.

    Thanks to you all from Ryley, too!