Resection or ablation for liver mets

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I'm a 50 year old female diagnosed over a year ago with Stage IV colon cancer with mets in my duodenum and liver and told it was inoperable. After seven months of chemo (Cisplatin, Irinotican, and Xeloda), my surgeon was able to remove tumors in my colon and duodenum, but liver resection seemed too much to do to me at the time. I was hopeful about having another surgery for the liver mets (4 tumors in y right lobe) in another six months, but my new course of chemo (oxaliplatin and Xeloda) along with experimental drug Tarceva are not working, and my tumors and CEA are growing (the largest is now about the size of a quarter). I'm feeling hopeless, since my doctor says that surgery is not an option since my tumors are not responding to chemo. I still feel that I want them out of me. Does anyone have any similar experiences to share, or any advice. I'm seeking second opinions, but would appreciate communicating with anyone with similar experience. Please help.


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    I don't have quite the same experience as you but if you go into the chat room there maybe someone there I too have stage IV colon cancer, but mine is a little different. Good luck and my prayers are with you. Hope the second opinion helps.