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I need LOTS of prayers so that I can understand what to do for work...I tutor and love to teach writing especially but am afraid of changing jobs because of having cancer in remission and not cured. Still feeling fine and no changes (Praise God) but at work the younger people seem to want to push me aside and take my hours. They are being very critical and sensitive to their being "the supervisors." This makes me feel unequal and needing to walk on eggs. I can't see a path to switch to and I need to work to survive. I am the most highly qualified person at the site in my position but only a part-time worker and the young ones are giving us older workers a fit! I am in my 50's and NEED the job but maybe six years is too long at this...PLEASE pray for me because I think I need God to show me a good path to take, but I can't find it!


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    First, cancer in remission- WOOHOO congrats! Secondly, keep praying and God will answer. His will be done whether we want it or not. I asked God for help finding a new career when I retired from teaching at age 43. i was so scared but He hit me over the head with the job I have now in get this . . .banking, No, I did not teach math! I was a PE teacher. I really was not sure and was uneasy. I even kept applying for other things so i wouldn't have to take the banking job and well, none of those came thru. i was so afraid and now 3 years later I LOVE IT! I am in Customer Service and well, people are people. I teach about accounts, loans, cd and help with problem solving. You know that teachers are constantly solving problems of one type or another! So, pray and when God calls- jump in with both feet- He will catch you! Many prayers and Blessings- Candy
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    Maggs, regardless of what type of job a person has, the part-timers are pushed around by the full-timers. This happens "big time" within the realm of nursing. If you are a civil service employee and belong to a union, look carefully before you leap to make sure your benefits and job security will not be lost. Check out what other jobs are open within civil service. Some areas are all part-time workers... maybe that works better. Hugs, Denise (I liked Candy's answer, and think maybe we should both join Candy in the world of banking. Candy is correct about the value of a teacher in any corporate organization, too.)
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    Remission - Yeah Good for you Maggs!!!! One thing I have noticed is I have changed a lot since being diagnoised. I keep wondering why people are acting so strange around me (people I have known for years). The more I think about it the more I realize that they are the same, it is me that has changed. I too just started a new job on Monday this week. I love it. Different people, different work it is a great change for me. I don't know if I helped at all, I just know that when making a change it can be scary but so wonderful. I will pray that God will help you in your decision. Check and double check on insurance with your new employer - sometimes that wont start until after 3 months of being there and you would have to take cobra from your current workplace. Very Expensive!!! Good luck and God bless you. Cammie
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    I understand your fears. Benefits, insurance, sick time it's scary to think of starting over. I fortunately love my job but the thought has come to me about what I would do if I had to change employers. I am an administrator and ussually stay in a job for 3-4 years and then move on but now...... I may just stay put for a while.
    All that aside ---- I could not go to work everyday to a job I hate, with people I do not trust, who show me very little respect. Is being unhappy worth the security???? Good Luck, Beth
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    How wonderful that you are in remission! This diagnosis changes us so much. I have worked for the same organization for 20 years and since the governor and state have cut funding for mental health and drug and alcohol treatment by more than 50% my agency is going to have to start lay-offs!!! First time ever. We are all hoping the funding will be restored by the legislature. But I am scared. I'm thinking about self-employment as an option and as a tutor and writing teaching that may be an option for you. But concerns about health insurance are critical. The possibility of losing my job hit my husband harder than it hit me because he freaked out about our having to depend on his health insurance alone. After going through diagnosis, chemo etc. it made me realize how precious life is. It made me want to chuck it all and try my hand at doing the things I love for a living. Fate may put me in that position. It is an opportunity. It is scarey to think about changing jobs with this diagnosis. I will keep you in my prayers. Have faith. Sometimes you have to see your job just as a job and do what you love and get fulfillment in other ways. In your situation my main concern would be healthcare also. Would this be an issue in making your decision?
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    Maggs, God promises to give wisdom to the one who asks for it. He will answer you and show you the path to take. Remember to "lean not on your own understanding, but in all things, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path." I will be interceding for you. May our Lord hold you in His hand and show you which way to go.
    Love, Jayne
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    I was "Laid off" while I was in the hospital because they said I wouldn't be able to do my job after they removed my breast. I was a drug rep.

    I'm so much better off. I now am a grant writer and I find funding for ladies with no insurance - so that they can have the treatment they need. I feel so much more vital and valuable. God will lead you where you need to be. Be open to his guidance. I will remember you in my prayers. Hugs! XOXOXOXO