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I'm 63, good shape for my age, stage T1c & a Gleeson of 6. My urologist has recommended surgery as the best choice of therapies. But I'm scared to death of the possibility of incontinence &/or impotence and am considering the use of one of the other forms of therapy. Although I've found the percentages of these complictions for the other forms of therapy I haven't been able to find any statistics on the percentage of theses two complictions following RP. Can anyone help me with this?


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    Welcome to the ACS page supported by SURVIVORS! It is perfectly natural to be frightened by the unknown. I can certainly relate to your feelings.

    I underwent RP following a similar diagnosis at the age of 59. Also, at the time I considered myself to be in good physical condition. Although I elected the surgical procedure versus other options, and am 100 % satisfied with my choice and outcome, the decision is one that must be made by each individual. The two concerns you mentioned have been absolutely non-existant following my surgery. My surgery was 2 1/2 yrs ago and I consider myself 100% pre surgical condition.

    The primary reason I chose surgery was that following any other type of procedure, surgery would never be a viable option, if the other option proved unsuccessful. Also, I wanted to be totally free of the infected organ.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my personal e-mail Or, you can respond to me via the reply option on this site.

    Best of luck in making your decision,

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    I basically concur with Roger, primarily because of burning the surgery bridge (not available) if you choose any of the other therapies!I would however caution you on the staging premise of T1C.The question I have is what was your pre-PSA? Consider consulting the Partin table stats with regards to capsule containment.
    Best of luck, Ben
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    I had my RP on 9/12/02. I am not 100% yet. Incontinence is about 98% and still improving( remember it could take up to a year. Most men roughly 3 months) My sexual function is at about 70% and still improving. So you see some people just take a little longer. The key if you choose surgery is find a recommended surgeon who does a lot of surgery. My surgeon does almost 8 a week. Ask other Dr.'s who they would want doing their surgery. Get many opinions. Always remember your a young man. What happens if you don't choose surgery and the cancer comes back what are your chances for a successful surgery? I was 53. A radiation oncoligist told me take two pieces of bread, put a piece of cheese between the bread, now take the cheese out. That would be the surgery now. Then take the bread and cheese and put it in a microwave for 20 seconds, and now try and take the cheese out. That would be the surgery after radiation. Not much of a chance to remove the prostate successfully. Talk to a lot of people until you feel somewhat comfortable with your decision. E-mail me if you like
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    FYI Here's a web site that has some extensive data comparing seeds & surgery. As I've mentioned, the key issue is whether or not the disease is contained within the organ. Best of luck with your decision.Ben.
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    Hi! I was diagnosed last December, T1C, gleason 7, at age 52. After looking at all the options, I elected to have surgery and had it done on January 14, 2003.

    Incontenence has not been an issue since week seven post op. Okay, I do get a dribble now an then, the so called 'stress incontence".

    I have yet to regain complete sexual function. I have orgasims but no erections. As I try to be objective about this, I continue to see slow improvements on getting an erection.

    If I had it to do all over again, I would do the exact same thing. Surgery seemed to be the best option. I rest easy, knowing that the cancer is gone. In may, I had my first post op PSA and it was <0.1 ng/ml. I liked the analogy about the cheese and the bread and the microwave.

    If you would liek to talk more, let me know. Home email is Office is I use the office the most.

    Best of luck!

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    I am 54 and had surgery 2 yrs. The options you have sounds the same as mine. I ask the Dr."Why didn't more men go the surgerical route?". The best answer was Men did not want to go through the surgery. 1st I am pleased that I am alive and so far my psa is negative. 2nd I get a dribble when I sneeze, deep chest caugh, laugh hard, and pass gas. The doctor tells me try to keep my bladder empty. 3rd I do have erectional problems. I am single and just not set it as a priority. The Dr. tells me let nature take it's course because in my mind I am sharp as a tack.
    Good luck to you.
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    had prostate cancer in 2001 had seed implant and radiation atrcog in atlanta and doing great no side effects web site