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Has anyone out there pursued screening for the 2 oft mentioned gene mutations promoting breast cancer? My onc suggested I pursue this type of testing because of my family history and also due to my age at diagnosis. If anyone would care to share, I'd be interested in hearing personal stories in regards to this topic. Thanks All, Donna


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    Donna, I had the testing done back in Jan, just before I started chemo. I have a very strong personal and family history of cancer, mom & grandmother with breast cancer, 2 aunts with ovarian cancer and 2 grandfathers with colon cancer so when I came up with breast cancer, I felt that I needed to know if I had the mutations. I didn't, but as my oncologist reminded me, there may still be unidentified mutations out there. So while I feel better knowing I don't have 1 or 2, who knows what more research will bring. They just took a blood sample and sent it off to a lab in Utah. Took about 6 wks for results. Insurance picked up part of the bill, it's not cheap but it was something I needed to know for myself. Hope this helps, Julene
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    Like you, I had a strong history of cancer in my family, my mom, two aunts and cousin all died of ovarian cancer and my aunt and grandmother also had breast cancer. After I was diagnosed I had genetic testing and found out I had the BRAC gene. It was very helpful for me to know this. I had a bilateral mastectomy after they were unable to get clear margins with the lumpectomy. I'm having a hysterectomy in December. It was very helpful for me to know and to respond aggressively. Also my sister and my nieces tested positively after I was tested and they are being monitored and having hysterectomy. If you test positive, your family can have the test much less expensively. I was glad I had the test. Good luck to you. Sandi
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    I was adamant about having the genetic testing. Every woman from my maternal grandmother on down has had breast cancer. My cousin and I are the only 2 survivors. So I knew this had to be genetic and was concerned for my sister's children (she was never tested) and my brother's daughter (men can pass the mutation also.) I came up negative for 1 and 2. But as mentioned earlier that does not mean that my cancer is not genetic. The genetic counselor and my onc. believe it is. If you come up positive for 1 or 2 that will definitely affect your decisions for treatment given the high risk of ovarian cancer. I got tested not only for myself but for my nieces and nephews (slight risk for men) who I love dearly. I believe that knowledge is power. The test results will inform your decisions. That is my feeling given what I have done. I hope this is helpful. Whatever your decision you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
  • I'm just getting started, but thought I'd share that the lab will help with getting insurance approval. They send you a form and then they contact the insurance. I'm getting tested in Sept. I don't have have strong breast cancer family history, but an Aunt had pancreatic at a young age and the genetic counselor told me the gene mutation is linked for ovarian, pancreatic, and breast cancer. Plus I was 34 at DX so she thought insurance would cover me. Good Luck! I strongly agree knowledge is power. I'm doing this for my daughter, sister, niece, and myself. May consider taking out ovaries if positive. Getupandgo!!!