I was sooooo scared

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Hello friends, today I had my first treament of taxol after 6 of euperibucin i was kind of looking forward to it but when last week the doctor explained everthing to me and told me to take all kinds of vitamins plus 5 decotron pills 12 hrs before and 5 pills 6 hours before the taxol because of the reactions people get during the infusion i really got scared especially when all the posts i was reading the described taxol not being so bad, I MADE IT i was and still am very sleepy and as soon i got home i couldnt believe it sleepts 3 hrs. Just wanted to keep you all posted.
Hugs Mariateresa


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    Glad to hear you did so well. I didn't have any problems with taxol...had 4 rounds. It was sooo much easier compared to the adriamycin! Hope you continue to do so well! (((HUGS))) hummb
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    Hi Mariat, good to hear it. I'll always be praying for you. Drop me a line before I go down to Calabria. Love to hear from you. Hugs, Marie
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    I hope that you can see the accomplishment and keeping on stepping forward on step at a time. Yes our fears are there haunting us always when in fact what we truly need to focus on is what we have control over and what we don't. I stumbled through my treatments all those 6 years ago and never really found that magic or wonder of having the cure. With cancer and every treatment, they all coming with risks but guess what in the end I truly know that each experience is truly what makes me the person I am. Cutting loose the things I can't control and fucusing on myself for if I am not whole then I don't have much else to be giving to others. I look at my son and see that he wouldn't be the man he has become if it hadn't been for all the experiences good and bad to shape the mind and the soul.
    Glad to hear you are taking time for that sleep because we do the largest amount of healing while at reast, everything then can fight around the disease. My advice is to rest allot and get plenty of water, need to keep flushing the crap out. And thanks for update. I am always checking in and reading posts, learning so much from you all.
    Be good to yourself,