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My Wife has been battling CRC since last November. Just yesterday we found that her CEA had jumped from 48 to 100. Is this normal and does it ussually jump like that? I feel very stupid about this because I have just been working to support her because she can't. By this I mean I haven't done any investigation on the subject until just recently. Also they are talking about giving her a break until the middle of next month and then starting her on a different kind of Chemo? Is this normal? The last Chemo she was getting was making her fingers and feet numb so she had a hard time walking. I am just feeling so frustrated and depressed that I don't know what to do or where to go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    Bob - I am a Stage III Colon Cancer survivor and I lived through some fluctuations in CEA (although not as extreme as your wife's). The oncologist did not completely discount the readings, but told me not to get too worried about them since the CEA was only one of the tools used to measure the disease. I never had to change chemo regimen, but they did have to fiddle a bit with the dosage due to some severe side effects. If your oncologist is not explaining the treatment to your satisfaction you need to stand on his/her desk until you get the info you need. This is a time for proactive involvement and education for all concerned. And the quicker the better so that you can exercise other options if neceessary.
    God speed and best of luck. You are in my prayers.
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    The reply from gkzane is totally correct. If you feel that the doctor is not being thorough enough in explaining things, get a little persistant. Sometimes I think doctors assume we understand or already know something the way they do since they do this everyday.

    I am a stage 4 cancer survivor. I had pre-surgery chemo and radiation, surgery and post-surgery chemo. Mine spread to my liver, so they took 40% of that in my surgery. Today, though, I am cancer free. Being there for your wife and showing her support and comfort will help her in so many ways. Her attitude is everything in this battle. CEA levels are not the only factor in determining the state of the cancer. Just a fraction, so look at the whole picture, not just that little window.

    Take care, and I'll send all my positive energy your way!