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Hello everyone. I have to have a hyst.due to spotting/bleeding I've been having off and on for a while. I am menopausal so it isn't good. Am also on arimidex. I'm scared of cancer again, of course. Will everyone please keep me in their prayers on July 30? I felt all your "presences" when I had my mastectomy and it really helped. Thanks. Cathy


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    Try to hold on to the fact that once the procedure is done, it is one less thing you will have to worry about. Some people on the message board have even mentioned having the procedure to avoid problems in the future. You know you will be in everyone's prayers, Cathy. Love, Denise
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    Hi Cathy,
    I hope this procedure/surgery (dont really know the diff!) goes smoothly for you. I will definitely keep you in my prayers. God bless.
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    My thoughts and prayers are with you,sometimes that is all we can do but God will do the rest. Linda
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    You'll do fine I'm sure Cathy. I went w/o periods for a year and then started again. They switched me from tamoxifen to aromasin. I elected (strongly requested) a hysterectomy myself. One of the best things I've ever done! Make sure (or I would) that your doc is planning on taking your ovaries. (((HUGS))) hummer
    May God bless your doc w/ steady hands and you w/ a speedy recovery. May you be surrounded w/ the peace of our Lord and Savior. I ask this in Christ' name. Amen.
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    Hello Cathy,
    I had a compltete hystorectomy in my 20s {late} But I loved it later! No more having to worry about you know {female equipment} to tag along on trips or PMS..... One thing you should not do is stress yourself out. Stress can only make one ill with other things. Trust in the Lord & believe He will heal you. I am now 45 yrs old & still enjoying the fact that I don't have to purchase tampons & all the crap that comes along with it. I will pray for you, but you are young & I believe the Lord is taking care of you already. Now try to fall into a more optomistic approach. One day you will help someone else that has gone through the same as you & by offering support to that person or more will glorify the Lord.
    God Bless You
    Cathy...... My name too/ lol
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    Cathy, you will definately be in my prayers. As someone said, it's all we have sometimes. I too had a partial hysterectomy at an early age. Now wish they'd taken it all. Surgery is always scary, but we will pray for your doctors and you. God Bless you and your Surgoen! Laura