Losing my whole family

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I've lost my son, my husband, and my father. My daughter is now faced with a fast growing cancer. When I lost my son at 20, I don't know how I got through it; then I took care of my husband (54) for two years while he battled kidney cancer and died a year ago; my dad followed this past Christmas. Why on earth is my daughter facing this. She's only 26, newly married two years ago, and has her whole life ahead of her. I really don't know how I can hold myself together and I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who can help me stay sane. I am so sick at heart.


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    I am so sorry for the losses that you have had. I can't imagine. I want to help, but the only thing that I have to offer is my prayers for you and my friendship. My husband has Stage 4 Renal Cell Cancer with mets to the lung, liver and brain. So I can identify with you on the care of him. I just want you to know if you need someone to listen, just email from this site or at my reular email, [email protected] I also suggest that you visit the chat room here. There are a lot of loving,caring people there. Sometimes just talking it out helps a lot. God bless you and I will keep your family in my prayers.
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    So many losses in such a short time. I'm not sure how I would be in your situation. We so often ask ourselves why? Why my family? Why now? Sadly, we never get an answer to our questions.

    When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I felt as though I would just break down. When I found this site, I realized that there are literally millions of families out there facing cancer. Each one of these people have felt the sadness, hopelessness, fear and uncertainty of the future.

    I believe that you can hold yourself together and I believe that you have the strength inside of you. My proof that that you are here asking for help.

    You already know that the reasons why you daughter has cancer will never be known. You also know that you need to hold on to hope. I don't know what type of cancer she has or what stage she is in but she should have a lot of strength to pull her through. If she is as strong as her mother, she will do just fine.

    If you need to talk, you can e-mail me at [email protected].
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    Hi surban,
    I am sooo very sorry to hear about your crisis. I wish you knew that if I were there I would give you a big hug,....no! EVERYONE would be there to give you a hug! Please come to chat room, there are a lot of caring people there that can offer some type of support for you. I will keep you in my prayers and ask God to give you strength and peace in your soul.
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    You've lost a lot in a short period and I know that it's hard. Remember that the Lord is with you. And on those days when you can't carry your burden He will carry it for you. I will be praying for you and your daughter. Be there for each other and cherish every moment.
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    its true what they say..god places people in your path that are going through more or less what you are. first of all i am so deeply sorry about your loss. i lost my 19 yr old brother in 1994. now my parents have cancer. as the only living child it is stressful, painful and you feel lost. despite so many yrs of dealing with my family and cancer i have learned to hold on to my faith and every least bit of hope. even when we were told the worse news i held on. while there is life there is hope. i notice you posted your msg back in july. i truly hope you update us with good news. god bless you