Dyeing a wig..

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Does anyone know how to dye a wig. I have a human hair wig but the color is lighter than I prefer. Any suggestions? Thanks, Karen.


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    I know that MD Anderson Canacer center, Houston (which has a web site) has a beauty shop on their campus. They could probably tell you. I will also check with my sister . She is a licenced beautician. If she can give me any hints I will get back with you. Emailing MD Anderson's volunteers (if the beauty shop does not have a link) may be the best thing. Because they may recommend a specific type of dye/rinse due to the possible scalp reactions because of the presence of the chemotherapy in your body.
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    Hi Angel,
    I have a human hair wig which is medium blonde and the salon where I bought it colored the "roots" a darker shade (he called it low lights) which gave the wig a much more natural look. It would be best to have someone familiar with coloring wig hair do it, since human hair wigs are very expensive, but I do know they can be dyed successfully. Good luck, Mary Beth