Pain in breast post op and tightness/pullin in arm

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I had a lumpectomy in February and just now started to have some pain in my breast where the incision is. My surgeon did an ultra sound and said there is nothing there, that was a relief. But I also have a tightness and pulling all down my left arm from my armpit to my elbow. When I raise my arm up over my head and extend the elbow you can see the vein pop out and I get a really tight pulling sensation all down the vein to the elbow. Surgeon say's it is fibroid strands and recommends having them snipped. Has anyone else had this happen? I am still on chemo, Taxotere, Carboplatin and Herceptin. Any advise ?


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    I had that really tight feeling that felt like a rubber band on the inside of my elbow. It was so bothersome when I'd reach out, like for the change from the cashier at the grocery store, I thought I needed a referral to physical therapy. Not nearly as strained as you. I found that if I did the "walk the wall" exercise really seriously after my regular exercises, then hold my palm against wall, as high as possible, for 5 minutes...the tightness finally began to release itself after about 7 days. Really, it was becoming painful to extend my arm forward to hold my hand on my bicycle handle. I think if the walk the wall stuff doesn't work, I'd try a physical therapist or a sports medicine therapist. They could probably work up an exercise routine that helps those muscles that are specifically giving you trouble. I think that noninvasive stuff is better to try first. You can always do surgery later.
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    I agree with Rizzo. Also wondered whether or not you have a mediport on that side. Hope the walk the wall does the trick.
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    I have an additional recommendation that will break your heart. Go have a massage. Do the walk the wall but I went in and had a full body massage. Let the therapist know before you start that you are having this trouble. It was great. I had a mastectomy and tram reconstruction so I had even more healing to do than you. She also told me how to avoid further scar tissue from developing in the muscle tissue. It was great physically and mentally.