One year checkup

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Does anybody who's been through the one year checkup have any advice on how to cope? I have a bone scan, chest x-ray, blood work and mammo on Wed, then I have to wait a week for results. I'm already going crazy, I can't focus, I don't care about anything except getting through these tests. I'm so afraid they're going to find something new (even though I feel fine). Just looking for thoughts on how to get through this. And my family justs keeps wondering what I'm so worried about - after all, I got through treatment, I'm cured. They just don't get it. I feel like if I admit I'm afraid I'm just letting them down.


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    I'm two chemo treatments, a month of radiation treatments and a whole year away from the point you are at now, and already I am wondering how I am ever going to get through the anticipation of the one year check-up, so my heart is with you. Pre-op it took nine days just to get a verbal on the CT scan results. The wait was excruciating. I also share the same batch of relatives and friends who have already dismissed all of this as a temporary blip and expect life to go back to the way it was just as soon as the last radiation treatment is done. They apparently equate this to a cut, a bandaid, and all better. All of us understand exactly what you are worried about. Try to find the one good thing to hold onto, even if it just that anything found before it becomes apparent is navigable, treatment wise. I wish so much that there was something I could say to make this not so hard on you. Prayers will be with you for sure, Lisa. Love, Denise