losing my voice again need some advice please

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Hi everyone.had throat cancer aboout 8-9 years ago aprx. Had surgery and radiation.my voice felt strong all this time for the most part anyways. starting to lose it again and have to admit i am scared. Feeling left out of conversations because i am ashamed of my voice. i really need help and some kind of acceptance of this thing.has anyone gone thru this i still have my voice box but have scarring because of radiation ofmy larnyx.please reply thank you lisa


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    Hi Lisa-I am a one year survivor of tonsil cancer and I don't have an answer for you, but wanted to tell you about a great website oralcancerfoundation.org where you might find more help. They have a great support group! Don't be ashamed of your voice! You are a 9 year survivor of cancer!!!! That is something to be very proud about! Go to your Doctor and just find out about your voice. It is easiest to way to fight the fear...head on! My prayers are with you! -KS
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    I also have a problem with my voice, and mostly whisper and have no ability to sing, yell or make any pitch changes. I have been this way for 6 years now, since my left vocal cord became paralyzed due to a tumor on the 10th nerve. I finially got a personal voice amplifier. It has changed my life dramatically. Still problems, but better now.